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Dear friends,

An important kickstarter campaign begins today November 6, 2022, to raise $5000 in essential funds for a critical sabbatical during which my focus will be healing, rest, and writing my first autobiographical book this winter and coming spring.

img_6715This is a true story about life lived dangerously at the edge of madness, manipulation, murder, and finding my own way back from illness and the brink of eternal darkness through wilderness and relationship with women among wolves.

This is a story about overcoming codependence, domestic violence, and becoming Wild, Awake, and Finally Free.

img_5453Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter and to respect the privacy of others involved I will not be sharing details publicly – yet.

Please DM if you’d like to hear more about the sudden and shocking turns in my life and the profound personal transformation taking place as a result.

And if you’d like to support this kickstarter, and I hope you do, please follow the links below to share your contribution via Cash App, PayPal, or Venmo.

In gratitude for your donations, I am offering thank you gifts.

Please feel free to select based on giving level. 

img_1163 Donations of every size are appreciated. Leave me your address in the form below and I will send a thank you note and a little surprise. This may be a sticker, patch, or other sweet something to adorn your outdoor gear and inspire your nature connection.

With every donation of $50 or more receive a copy of the book when it becomes available.

 Donate $80 or more and choose an oversized sweatshirt in grey for women with our 2022 Women Rising Wild logo.

Register and pay $360 in full during November and December to reserve a space in our pack with Women Rising Wild, women and wolves retreat experience in Colorado, summer 2023, and receive a surprise thank you gift via mail.

Register and pay $360 in full during November and December to reserve a space in our coed Camp For A Cause event with Mission: Wolf sanctuary, summer 2023

Sending big and tender love to all of my friends. Wishing you and your beloveds a safe and most magical, wonder filled holiday season. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Women and Wolves Initiation in Colorado
Camp For A Cause with Mission: Wolf

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Curious about what’s coming to the book? Take a peak at this raw, unedited journal excerpt below and read a bit about the backstory…. here.