Wild Woman Temple

Wild Woman Temple
Day Retreats

Boulder, Colorado

Join an intimate circle of women in conscious community for a day or a year of soul inspiring nature time, yoga, outdoor adventure, sacred arts, and eco-stewardship to reawaken the wisdom of your wild heart and stir the creative passions of your spirit.

About Wild Woman Temple: A year of custom curated adventure, ecology, environmental stewardship, and sacred ceremony for the wild feminine has finally been created by Melissa and Wild Heart Revival for our Colorado Women.

11We gather twice per season for a full day retreat in Boulder beginning this Spring to learn, expand, and grow in community together. I’m bringing in exceptional guest facilitators and outfitters to guide us through enriching, therapeutic, and transformational rites of passage. We have space for 8 women. We meet every 6 weeks.

Wild Heart Adventures planned include rock climbing, horseback riding, a canoe excursion, guided wildlife viewing, volunteer projects, and more.

12Ecology education includes seasonal plant and animal identification, regional natural history, global change science, wildlife tracking, and regional medicinal and local edible herbs.

Temple teachings will include tantric ways of the wild, sound healing, rattle and drum making, divine play, ceremonial rites of passage, and so much more.

6Women who commit to the whole year will receive bonus gifts and a registration discount.

Those who register early and launch with us in April will meet a bald eagle, falcon, and red tailed hawk in a special collaboration with Hawk Quest.

Pricing per event and annual fee billed monthly available. Limited partial scholarships may be available.

7Are you ready for Wild Woman Temple!?

The year of adventure and sacred sisterhood awaits! The journey begins April 1.

It is time to embody the medicine of our wild belonging. It is time to remember our true nature. For it is said, that within the “wild nature” of woman is the “medicine for all things” (Clarissa Pinkola Estes).

Important Dates:
Spring 2023 – Winter 2024
* Tentative dates are TBD by our cohort

5 Spring Temples
Saturday April 1, 2023 Wild Woman Temple is in collaboration with Hawk Quest. Ignite the passion of spring and birth your wild, mythic life. Meet an eagle, hawk, and falcon and set your intentions to fly. A medicine walk, wilderness solo, and sharing circle will support your process. Enjoy dinner with new friends before heading home. 
4Saturday May 6, 2023 Temple we will be D
rumming Up Bear. We evoke the great mother and align to the fruiting body of our souls. It is time to sow the seeds of our garden. Among blooming golden banner, lupine, wild raspberry, choke cherry, and wild plum we pray for good crops and health for all beings. Please bring your seasoned drums and sound makers. And register for this special drum making workshop. In the spirit of abundance and new community, for this event only, please bring dinner items to share.
Summer Solstice Women Rising Wild 3 Day/2 Night Retreat at Mission: Wolf June 23-25, 2023 (event add-on). Join us in this optional add on and take advantage of Early Bird pricing ($360 per person) when you also enroll in Wild Woman Temple day retreats.
9 Summer Temples
Saturday July 8, 2023 Temple feel freedom and flow in your wild becoming on the water in collaboration with the River’s Path. Swim and paddle the Saint Vrain Creek and drink in the sights and sounds of this rarely accessed riparian corridor with river guide, Lauren Bond. Learn about the heron rookery and other rare and protected species who call these sacred places home. Then relax and refresh for a evening of storytelling, feasting, and a prairie sunset stroll.
2-1Saturday August 12, 2023* Temple temperature’s rising. Sit back in the saddle and enjoy a high mountain view horseback in a field of subalpine wildflowers. Then enjoy lunch and an ecoservice project in Rocky Mountain National Park before heading back to Boulder for evening circle and dinner. When summer is hot, it’s time to rest. But when the sun gets low we’ll head to the meadow for dancing and farewells.

Labor Day Women Rising Wild 3 Day/2 Night Retreat at Mission: Wolf September 1-3, 2023 (event add-on). Join us in this optional add on and take advantage of Early Bird pricing ($360 per person) when you also enroll in Wild Woman Temple day retreats.

Autumn Temples
3September 16, 2023* Temple is all about the feminine process of root to rise. And we will celebrate the bounties of fall. But first we will ascend to new heights. With cooling temperatures we will take to the crag and learn to rock climb with Smile Mountain Guides. Gaining newfound strength, power, and courage to trust ourselves we will lean more intimately into connection with one another. With playful freedom and integrated sense of grounding we will head to a local farm to collect seasonal fruits, veggies, and flowers for our autumn feast. Beneath rising stars we will find our ways home full and centered and ready for seasonal descent.
8November 11, 2023* Temple evokes the wisdom of descent, gestation, decay, and rest. Again in collaboration with Hawk Quest we will meet a turkey vulture and owl species. Michelle Hutchins will teach about her sacred journalling practice. Then we will utilize this tool and the wisdom of the wild to excavate the intelligence of our shadows. We will sing goodnight to bear with lullabies for sweet slumber and successful gestation for the babies she now hides in her secret, snowy, dark womb cave. We will plant seeds for hope in trust and knowing that even as the days grow shorter and colder, a new spring will come again. Beside the comfort of our temple hearth we will enjoy a La Loba playshop with Jennifer Talagrand. We’ll make rattles. And then we will enjoy seasonal foods with our bare hands. Please bring regional preserves to share with our group.
Private Wild Temple 3 Day/2 Night Retreat at Mission: Wolf September 22-24, 2023 (event add-on). Join us in this very special, optional, add on for our 2023/2024 Wild Woman Temple cohort and take advantage of Early Bird pricing ($360 per person) when you also enroll in our Wild Woman Temple day retreats.
Winter Temples
1-1December 9, 2023* Temple nourishes wild woman in her dark night of the soul. Inspire the spirit of the dreamer within winter’s chrysalis at Butterfly Pavilion. Ignite the senses and subtle body with forest dance and emerge with a vision for your darkest days. Enjoy dinner by candlelight. Secure your sense of presence in a dark night hike. Practice deep belly soul sounding to access and release dense emotions and dormant energies. And head into the holidays with wisdom for your cocooning with Crone.
February 3, 2024* Temple. Details for our final Wild Woman Temple for the 2023/2024 cohort are forthcoming. 

img_6715Time and Location:
8am-8pm. Times and meeting location will vary slightly by event. We are based in Boulder, Colorado. All activities will occur within a one hour drive of town. Carpool is strongly encouraged. The closest airport is Denver
International Airport. Public transportation from DIA to Boulder is available via RTD.  Meeting time and location for your events will be provided after registration. 

img_4199Core Temple Activities:
Intimate and guided nature connection
Daily yoga, dance, meditation, and soul sounding
Group and solo hiking
Prairie, wetlands, and forest ecology
Solo time for personal integration, reflection, adventure, or rest
Ceremonial arts and seasonal rites of passage

Awaken wild intelligence
Community feast celebration
Curated adventures for your wild heart (canoeing, climbing, etc.)
Sisterhood, laughter, divine play, and more…

roadtripWhat’s Included:
All materials and fees associated with in-house and guest instructors, outfitters, and facilitators (e.g. Hawk Quest) for all Wild Woman Temple events except as expressly stated for specific add-on field trips or activities
All museum and venue entry fees as applicable (e.g. Butterfly Pavilion)
Sate Park and National Park entry and tour fees for full vehicles offering carpool for our cohort
Kayak, SUP, Raft, and/or Canoe rental with paddles, life jacket, and helmet as required (No prior experience required. All levels welcome.)
Horseback riding registration (No prior experience required. All levels welcome.)
Rock climbing instruction including shoes, belay device, harness, and helmet rental fee (No prior experience required. All levels welcome.)
Guest teachers volunteering their time with our group will select a nonprofit for us to support as our thank you for their generosity with Wild Woman Temple
Training for eco-stewardship activities
Organic gourmet dinners prepared as a village. Vegan and gluten-free options available

One 15-minute private coaching session to support internal and logistical preparations for each day retreat and one 15-minute private integration coaching session post-retreat. Participants must initiate and schedule these optional coaching opportunities.
Wild Woman Temple event details described on this website as of March 13, 2023 are accurate but malleable. Minor changes may be made at the discretion of Melissa and Wild Heart Revival at any time. In the case of event cancellation due to life endangering acts of nature (flooding, fire, etc.) any registration fees paid may be used for a similar event with us in the future. This policy is outlined in our registration agreement.

woman packInclusivity Statement:
This event is for anyone who seeks to nourish their feminine qualities and deepen into embodiment of Wild Woman. Individuals with mobility limitations are invited to
contact us directly to discuss accessibility at the retreat location. No previous yoga, dance, hiking, climbing, horseback riding, or boating experience required. All activities are suitable for beginners. Read more

Wild Heart Revival events are substance free. Use of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and mind altering substances is prohibited. We welcome you just as you are, unaltered, and in your fullest lucid nature while on retreat with us.

Early Bird Registration is $245 per person per event. Discount Code: Early Bird
* or $1600 per person per year on a monthly payment plan. This savings of $1280 ends May 1.
Discount Code: One Year Subscription
Full registration is $360 per person per event
More Ways to Save:
 Bring a friend and you each save $25 per event
Discount Code: Bring-A-Friend
Register for more than one event and save 10% on each event
Discount Code: Double My Discount
Partial work-trade scholarships may be available upon request
Discounts may not be combined

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Meet our Founder and Visionary for Women Rising Wild

MelelaniandShawnBlessing (140 of 553)Melissa Lynn Reed is the visionary for Women Rising Wild and founder of Wild Heart Revival. She is a fourth generation healer and transformational wilderness guide. Melissa holds a BA and MS in ecology and she is presently pursuing her doctorate in psychology with a focus in consciousness and spiritual studies. Melissa has over 25 years experience as a wildlife biologist specializing in studies of rare and endangered mammals. jumpcropMelissa is a seasoned tracker, master medicine weaver, yogini, and mystic with deep and intimate ties with nature. She has led more than 200 nature-based workshops and guided more than 80 multi-day science and adventure retreats for more than 2000 adults and children. In 2023 Melissa will host her 20th transformational Women Rising Wild wilderness retreat.